Renault Master Truck body Repairs, Boat Trailer Fabrication Repairs, Mk7 Transit Rear Brakes and Renault Traffic Engine Mount

Renault Master Truck Body Repairs

AGS had a Renault Master truck body booked in for repairs to the outer underside of the tail lift. All outer sections were removed and replaced with newly fabricated items, which we made in-house, and coated afterwards to protect from corrosion.

renault master truck body fabrication repairs

New sections fabricated in-house, welded into place, ready for corrosion coating

Boat Trailer – Fabrication Repairs

We had a small fabrication repair job booked in – on a little boat trailer. The rear frame had rusted away, so we cut the rusted sections out – replacing with new metal tubing, new axles were made and welded on.

boat trailer repairs

Small boat trailer in need of some TLC & repairs

boat trailer fabrication repairs

New parts fabricated and welded into small boat trailer

Mk7 Ford Transit Brake Repairs – Brake Discs & Wheel Bearings

Trusty Ford transit booked in for rear brake disc replacement – which in normal circumstances is a straight forward job… but not on this one! In this case the wheel bearings where seized-on solid. We carefully cut out the old wheel bearings and replaced the damaged brake parts.

mk7 7 ford transit rear brake discs and wheel bearings

Seized wheel bearings on this Mk7 Transit had to be cut out for new replacement items and new discs

Ford transit rear brake discs repair

New discs and bearings were installed on this Mk7 Ford Transit van

Renault Traffic Engine Mount

A Renault Traffic was booked in for a service and on inspection we found that the lower engine mount was badly worn causing excessive movement on engine. This explained the noise reported by the customer upon booking the van in.

renault traffic engine mount repair replacement

Renault traffic engine mount replaced, solving a noise that the customer reported when booking in the van for a service