2004 BMW 530d – Prop Shaft and Centre Bearing – Portsmouth BMW Repairs

BMW Prop Shaft Imbalance and Centre Bearing Repair

This was a recent job which arrived and became an interesting piece of work to post.

A 2004 BMW 530D that was becoming very noisy whilst driving, becoming worse at motorway speed.

On initial inspection, we noticed that the prop shaft coupling was in a poor state of repair, which would certainly cause the prop shaft to have an imbalance at higher speeds. In usual circumstances this wouldn’t really be noticeable at the speeds running around town, so we decided to investigate further and remove the whole prop shaft for a full inspection of the assembly.

This was a wise move, as we found the centre bearing to be in a very poor state. The BMW centre bearing damage wasn’t noticeable until we removed it but was almost certainly the cause of the lower speed noise and vibration.

We sourced new high-quality parts (ie from a reputable source, not ebay) and the parts were fitted. We carried out a full road test and the old beemer was back on the road again, with one happy customer who thought they had a bigger, and much more costly transmission problem.


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