Fabricated Panel Repairs – Tired of Tyres – Ole Skool Landrover Repairs – Trusty Transit

Welding & Fabricated Panel Repairs

One of our classic car customers required a repair on his old Ford Cortina wing.

AGS offer small repairs to damaged vehicle parts and panels – on or off the car – whether it is custom job or keeping it authentic and original.

  • Welding to a high standard
  • Panel repairs – high quality
  • Metalwork – all flavours
  • Metal shaping and profiling
  • Panel beating
  • Sheetmetal work
panel beating and repairs

Panel beating, welding and panel repairs

Look after your tyres

Brakes and tyres. Once again showing the importance of regular servicing & checks, these are just a couple of tyres we have seen in the past few month. The mucky picture details the inside of the rear brakes, after the customer complained of inefficient brakes. We will happily check your brakes and tyres for you!

portsmouth tyres supply and fitment

Slick tyres are not legal on the roads, make sure you have some tread!

tyre carcass failiure

Missing regular vehicle servicing can result in a dangerous vehicle, such as this tyre carcass failire

brake cylinder requiring replacement

Regular servicing will spot mechanical issues such as this severely leaking brake cylinder, which rendered these brakes ineffective

Ole Skool Kool – Series 1 Landrover Repairs

A tad of ole-skool servicing at Aqua Garage Services. An old series Landrover booked in for an engine service, tappet adjustment , ignition system fully checked over and a new Weber carburetor fitted. Then it was off for its annual MOT.


landrover service

Old Series Landrover Repairs

In Transit… Repairs to the trusty Ford Transit

Lifeblood of the nation, we give you, the Ford Transit van. We had two Ford Transits in for repairs on one day, water loss on the first one, and a full service on the other.