Landrover Defender Chassis Repairs

One of our local, regular customers booked in his Landrover Defender. The Defender was booked in for a rear cross member replacement, due to corrosion. Upon further inspection the corrosion was much worse than was externally visible, so we opted to fit a quarter chassis repair section. This repair will last much longer than would have been the case, had we replaced only the rear cross member on the Landrover. Happy customer, happy Landrover.

landrover defender rear cross member repair

Initial inspection indicated a required rear cross member replacement on the Landrover Defender

Landrover rear cross member corrosion repair

Closer inspection dictated that it would be wise to replace the entire rear chassis section, which was heavily corroded throughout

Landrover chassis repairs

With the corroded chassis components removed, we cleaned up ready to fit the new rear quarter chassis repair section

Landrover rear quarter chassis repair

Landrover rear quarter chassis repair, ready for fitting

Defender rear chassis repair

Installation of the rear quarter chassis repair section begins

Defender repairs hampshire

Re-fitting of running gear on the Defender, following completion of rear chassis repairs

Landrover Repairs in Hampshire

Finishing and painting of Landrover chassis work

4x4 repairs in hampshire

Landrover Defender, with completed rear chassis repairs