Ford Transit Coil Spring Replacement & Various Brake Discs & Pads

Ford Transit Coil Spring

Another trusty Ford Transit booked in at AGS. The customer booked in the vehicle for a new coil spring – the old one had snapped, forcing part of the broken spring to foul the front tyre, causing damage. A new coil spring was fitted and the tyre replaced.

ford transit coil spring replacement

Another Trusty Transit in at Aqua Garage Services. Coil spring and tyre replaced

Aqua Garage Services – Brakes – Various Vehicles

Mercedes Benz Brake Discs and Pads

We had a Mercedes-Benz booked in for new front discs and pads, a tidy vehicle requiring braking service items…

mecedes brakes and pads aqua garage

These brake discs and pads were replaced on a Mercedes Benz

mercedes brake discs and pads portsmouth hampshire

Replacement Brake discs and pads

Ford Transit Brake Discs

A Ford Transit was booked in for spongy brakes. Upon a close inspection we found that the inner part of the disc had rusted and cracked – this is a common occurrence on Ford Transits. As a result, Aqua Garage Services always carry out a thorough inspection before fitting brake pads on old brake discs

ford transit brake discs portsmouth hampshire

Another trusty Transit booked in for spongy brakes and brake disc replacement

ford transit brakes overhaul portsmouth hampshire

Ford Transit brakes overhaul and inspection uncovered severe rust damage to the disc

Fiat Ducatos – Noisy Brakes – Severely Worn Brake Pads

Aqua Garage had two Fiat Ducatos booked in during the same month and for the same reason. Both vehicles came in with noisy brakes and it was clear straight away that the pads had worn down so far that the pad had fallen out, damaging the caliper. New parts were sourced and fitted to both Fiat Ducatos.

fiat ducato brake discs and pads portsmouth hampshire

Severely worn brake pads discs can damage other components on your vehicle

brake discs and pads portsmouth hampshire

It is important to ensure that components such as brake discs and pads are inspected regularly, to ensure that wear isn’t excessive and causing damage to other components and making the vehicle dangerous to drive