Aqua Garage Fabrication Services: Exhaust Repairs & English Wheel Metal Parts Fabrication

BMW 320D Exhaust Repairs – Welding & Fabrication Services

The cost of a new exhaust can be pricey and so, in some cases we can save our customers money by cutting out and welding in new parts – like the flexi joint (below) on a BMW 320D. This is a common part to fail on this model of BMW and typically costly to replace. Flexi-joints can be used to fill in a corroded area of the exhaust, they are available in many sizes and bores to cover all types of vehicle. The flexi-joint is flanked by two sealing joints fabricated into the original exhaust system where the corrosion occurred.

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exhaust repairs portsmouth, flexi joint exhaust repairs

Aqua Garage Services utilise flexi-joints to repair awkward exhaust corrosion areas to avoid the cost of a complete new system

Aqua Garage Services in Southsea/Eastney, Portsmouth, Supply Metal Part Fabrication Services

In this example we utilise an English Wheel to fabricate and manufacture mud guards for a customer’s motorbike. The English Wheel can be used to fabricate all manner of multi-dimensional curved surfaces, including body panels.

body panel fabrication

Finalised mud guard for a customer motorbike

wing panel fabrication

Starting from a blank canvas – a flat mild steel sheet, the English Wheel is used to create a multi-dimension curved surface using the rollers

english wheel fabrication

English Wheel fabrication