Vauxhall Meriva Wheel Bearing, VW Trekker Refresh & Ford Transit Front Brakes…

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Vauxhall Meriva Wheel Bearings

Recently we had a Vauxhall Meriva booked in for a noisy front wheel bearing. Upon inspection the front wheel bearing had excessive play and was rough when turned, and a further strip down revealed that the front hub had excess wear. A new hub was required to fit the new bearing.

Vauxhall Meriva Front Wheel Bearing Repair

Vauxhall Meriva Front Wheel Bearing Repair

VW Trekker – Engine Refresh, Brake Overhaul and a Valet!

An old classic VW Trekker – also known as a ‘VW thing’. A personal project –  we recommissioned this VW Trekker after it was sat in a local garage for 30 years. It only needed a refresh of its engine (10k from new engine) a brake overall and a good clean and valet!

vw trekker repairs

VW Trekker on the Recovery truck

VW Trekker Engine repair and refresh

VW Trekker Engine – 10k from New

Ford Transit Front Brakes

Our trusty old friend, the Ford Transit – this Transit required a front brake disc and pads repair. The wrong discs had been fitted in the past causing uneven wear to the brake pads and causing both the disc and pads severe damage.

Ford Transit Garage -new brake discs and pads

Ford Transit brake repair – new front discs and pads