Portsmouth Auto Servicing: Interim, Full and Major Services at AGS

Aqua Garage Services

Aqua Garage Services offer interim, full and major vehicle servicing. Necessary for the general maintenance of your vehicle, but also critical for items such as cam belt interval, fluid levels, tyre integrity & pressures, brake components & other high-wear vehicles components, keeping up to date with your vehicles servicing is important.

minor vehicle & van servicing

Minor and interim servicing can spot issues such as worn brake discs and pads

Minor and Interim Vehicle Servicing
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Minor or interim van or car services examine the basic ‘vehicle on floor’ functions of the car or van such as wipers, fluids, lights & horn operation. ‘Vehicle on Ramp’ inspections are also carried out such as brakes, tyres, shock absorbers, steering and suspension wear. An oil change is carried out, new oil filter fitted and the timing chain/belt is checked for interval, among other tasks.

tyre services in portsmouth

Exceeding service intervals can result in expensive damage

Full Vehicle Servicing
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Full vehicle servicing looks at your car or van in much more detail, including ABS warning lights, number plate integrity, cam and other belts such as fan belts and auxiliary belts, battery and battery terminals and a top up of the clutch fluid. On ramp checks looks at items including integrity of fuel lines, examination of brake calipers, wheel cylinders and gaiters for leaks. Air filters are also replaced & pollen filters are checked for operation.

renault scenic brake discs pads

Major Service on a Renault Scenic, which required new discs & pads

Major Vehicle Servicing
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AGS recommend that a Full Service should be carried out every 24,000 miles or every 24 months. The Major Service covers 71 checks and looks at all aspects of the vehicle including coolant, exhaust systems, radiator integrity, propshaft & spark plugs

Mk2 Cortina

AGS carry out classic servicing too!