Mk1 Escort Restoration Trolley, Ford Transit Body Repairs, Peugeot Repairs, Nissan 200SX Chassis Repair, Vauxhall Corsa Brake Repairs

Mk1 Escort Trolley

Purpose built car trolley which bolts directly to a mk1 Escort shell. Very useful for mk1 Escort restorations, major rebuilds or extensive panel & fabrication work.

Mk1 Ford Escort Restoration Trolley

Mk1 Ford Escort Restoration Trolley


Ford Transit Body Repairs, Welding & Fabrication

Now, it wouldn’t be a normal week for us at AGS without a transit booked in! This one arrived needing front end work: both front wings, front arches and sills to be fabricated and welded into place.

Ford Transit body repairs

Ford Transit body repairs – front wings, front arches and sills

Ford transit body repairs portsmouth

Ford transit body repairs in Portsmouth


Peugeot Repairs: Timing belt, New Alternator & Service

Peugeot 207 booked in for a replacement alternator, timing belt and service

Peugeot Timing Belt, Alternator & Service

Peugeot Timing Belt, Alternator & Service


Nissan 200SX Chassis Repair & Fabrication

A Nissan 200sx booked in for a rear chassis rot repair (…bosses car, better make an extra effort!)



Nissan 200SX Chassis Repairs


Nissan 200SX Replacement Chassis Member


Nissan 200SX Sill Repair

Vauxhall Corsa Brake Repairs

Lovely little Vauxhall corsa booked in for MOT repairs  – simple job,  front pads replaced


Vauxhall Corsa MOT & Brake Repairs

Peugeot 406 Water Pump & Cooling System Repairs

This Peugeot 406 was in for a bad coolant leak which turned out to be the water pump, which had broken apart internally. The noise from the engine should have been a dead give away that something was wrong – lucky escape this time… the water pump is driven off the timing belt. If the pump pulley had broken, the timing belt would have come off and bang goes the engine.


Peugeot 406 Replacement Water Pump