Ford Transit Wheel Bearing, Peugeot 308 Repairs, Landrover Head Gasket & an Ole Bentley Eight!

Bentley Eight Maintenance & Repairs

This gorgeous old Bentley Eight came in with a rough ride. Rear active shock absorbers and spheres were changed making the drive a lot smoother!

Bentley Eight with a smoother ride...

Ford Transit MOT & Wheel Bearing Repair

A tidy Ford Transit booked in for MOT repairs and a very common repair – Transit wheel bearing!

Ford Transit Wheel Bearing

Peugeot 308 clutch/flywheel repairs

This Peugeot 308 was booked in for a clutch and flywheel replacement


Peugeot 308 clutch repairs in Portsmouth

Landrover 300tdi Defender

This old Landrover 300tdi defender ended up with a head gasket replacement  – after it was initially booked in to investigated a ‘chuffing sound’ thought to have been an exhaust blow, but after investigation was discovered to be head gasket failure

Landrover 300tdi Defender: Head Gasket Replacement