Portsmouth Tyre Services at AGS: Tyre Check and Tyre Suppliers

Tyre Services in Portsmouth

Aqua Garage Services in Eastney, Portsmouth provide automotive tyre services to Milton, Southsea, Eastney, Copner, Portsmouth and throughout Hampshire. We’ll check your tyre tread depth for you and supply replacement tyres if necessary, and at the cheapest price we can. But it’s important not only to check tyre tread depth, but also tyre material integrity.

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Check your tyres at regular intervals – it could literally save your car or indeed your life…

Look at the photo above. On quick inspection the tyres looked fine, but on closer inspection the inside of the tyre had completely separated, showing the cords. Very dangerous. Keep an eye on your tyres folks – and if you’re unsure drop your vehicle into us to check them over…

tyre services in portsmouth

Ask AGS to check and inflate your tyres for you. This is another example of tyre separation and de-lamination. This caused a very dangerous blow out for the owner of the car who was a bit shaken to say the least!

Aqua Garage Tyre Services: Tyre Check or Complete Service

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Dan checking the tread depth of a tyre with a depth gauge. We’ll check the tyres as part of a service, so ensure you keep your vehicle’s servicing up to date…

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We look after competition cars too. This customer’s track westfield has been fitted with very soft hillclimb wets, which are challenge to fit!