Mk1 Escort Fabrication Services, Clutches & Flywheels, New Front Wheel Bearing & the MR2 Challenge!

Mk1 Escort Welding & Fabrication

Aqua Garage Services are often asked to work with supplied parts and in this case, the Mk1 Escort customer had purchased severalĀ strengthening gussets – none of which fitted the car. In order to progress and not stagnate with the job, we fabricated new gussets from mild steel – purpose made for the job. We use the best equipment available, such as our Oxford welding kit. This ensures that our welding and fabrication service is top notch and efficient.

Mk1 Escort Welding & Fabrication

Aqua Garage Services: Mk1 Escort Restoration, Fabrication & Welding Services

Fabrication of Strengthening Gussets

Mk1 Escort – Welding & Fabrication of Strengthening Gussets

Citroen Picasso Clutch

This clutch plate is a site for sore eyes and the Citroen Picasso it belonged to also received a replacement clutch, flywheel and concentric slave.

Citroen Picasso Replacement Clutch

Citroen Picasso Replacement Clutch, Flywheel & Concentric Slave

A Vauxhall Meriva Front Wheel Bearing & Hub

A Vauxhall Meriva front was booked in for a noisey front wheel bearing. We suspected the wheel bearing had excessive play due to the roughness on turning the steering wheel. However, on strip down the front hub also had excess wear and a new hub was required to fit the new bearing.

Vauxhall Meriva Front Hub & Front Wheel Bearing

Vauxhall Meriva – Replacement Front Hub & Front Wheel Bearing

Mr 2 Challenge Racing – Rebuild/Refresh

Continuing our Toyota MR2 projects, the latest of our MR2 builds is booked in for a refresh. This old tired race car was refreshed and happily ran alongside our own Toyota MR2 racer in the MR2 challenge series this year


MR2 Challenge

MR2 Challenge Cars at Aqua Garage Services