Bentley Arnage Servicing, Mazda MOTs and Servicing and Ford Transit Tyres…

Bentley Arnage Servicing

Looking at something a bit different, Aqua Garage Services recently serviced a T reg Bentley Arnage – a rather stately super car, or luxury saloon. Making their debut in 1998 the Bentley Arnage is a sophisticated 4 door saloon named after a corner at the Le Mans racing circuit, complete with 4.4 litre V8 engine, also latterly produced with Bentley’s 6.75 litre turbo charged V8 engine.

bentley arnage engine - servicing

Bentley Arnage Servicing at Aqua Garage Services



The sophisticated and stately looking Bentley Arnage

Mazda Servicing & Mot’s

Aqua Garage Services carry out repairs, servicing and MOT work on all types of Mazda vehicles. Contact us Here…

mazda repairs

Mazda on the ramps at Aqua Garage Services

Mazda MOT repairs

MOT repairs, MOT welding, brake discs and brake pads, and rear shock absorbers on this Mazda

Ford Transit Tyres & Wheel Balancing

After experiencing several blow outs running on old tyres with a decent amount of tread, this Ford Transit customer decided to run new tyres on the rear to avoid the problem. Also after complaining of instability – particularly in high winds, Aqua Garage Services paid extra attention to wheel balancing which improved the problem.