Garage Services in Portsmouth: Audi Turbo Replacement & K-Series Head Gasket

So what’s new at AGS Garage Services this month? We have been busy with the usual quota of MOT’s, repairs resulting from failed MOT’s, vehicle servicing and breakdowns. The recent wet weather has inevitably exploited existing/intermittent faults with vehicles – electrical by the most part, as well as keeping breakdown trucks busy across Hampshire.

Audi TT Turbo Repairs

More recently, we booked in an Audi TT turbo replacement. Excess smoke was being emitted from exhaust system, and it wasn’t down to the engine burning oil. We traced the fault to a failed turbo and subsequently replace the Turbo.

Landrover K-Series Head Gasket

The ‘Rover’ K-Series engine has attained a poor reputation for head gasket failure. In latter years this has become a much more serviceable problem as technology has provided better technology to address the problem. In this case, the Landrover Freelander arrived with symptoms of the common K-Series head gasket problem. We serviced the head & fitted a modified K-Series head gasket.

K-Series Head Gasket

K-Series Head Gasket