Ford Transit Clutch, Mini Radius Arm, Nissan, Mini & Mercedes Welding & Fabrication Repairs

Ford Transit Clutch Repair & Inner Wing Frabrication/Repair

2001 Ford Transit: Booked in for a clutch change, at which point we happened to notice that the engine had dropped due to the inner wing which had rotted away – a quick fabrication & welding repair was made to keep it going for a while longer…

Ford Transit inner wing

Ford Transit Inner Wing – Rotted Away

Ford Transit inner wing fabrication & welding repair

Ford Transit inner wing fabrication & welding repair

 Classic Mini Radius Arm Replacement

Back to the classics again with the last of the old classic minis. This mini needed a rear radius arm replacement as the car was experiencing a creaking noise from rear of car – the radius arm had expired.

Classic Mini radius arm replacement

Classic Mini Radius Arm Replacement

Nissan Vanette – Welding & Fabrication

Nissan van required some welding & fabrication carried out to the outer-rear sill

Welding & Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication at AGS

Nissan Van Sill Repairs

Nissan van with fabricated & welded replacement sills

Mercedes Sprinter – Welding/Fabrication – Sill Repairs

Mercedes sprinter booked in for repairs to the inner and outer sills, we fabricated these sills via folding and shaping, cut out the old rust and welded the new replacement sills in place.

sill repairs

Fabricated sills tacked into place, ready for final welding

fully welded & fabricated sill repair

fully welded & fabricated sill repair

Classic Mini Welding & Body Repairs

Classic mini booked in for repairs to the front floors & outer sills

Classic Mini Body Repairs

Classic Mini – Body Repairs